Club Events, After 1st lap then wrong turns happen

I organized a Club Event yesterday in NYC, the route was NYC KOM After Party. Instead of choosing just one lap by default I selected distance, and made it 40 miles. We had five people join the Club Event and everyone stayed on the route until the 1st lap finished, then two riders were detoured off the route automatically, while the rest remained on the route.

This Zwift bug has happened on other routes as well, the past three times, so I can easily reproduce it by just creating a Club Event using the Distance, and making the Distance longer than 1 lap.

Hi Daniel, would you say you’re seeing the same issue as being discussed here?

It’s hard to say if it’s the same issue. In my case all members in the Club Event stayed on course, even one guy that did a late join, all the way up until the first lap ends. Last night after the 1st lap ended, at the next intersection that we approached one rider took a wrong turn, and the following intersection another rider took a wrong turn. I can 100% reproduce this on any route, any Zwift world.

NYC KOM After Party isn’t a loop, so after one lap it won’t know where to send you so turns might be random. See “NYC KOM After Party” Route Details (New York) | Zwift Insider amd look at the map there.

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Steve, two of us stayed on the same route after lap 1 finished, while 2 others were given random turns at the next two intersections. I can reproduce this same Zwift bug on any World, any route.

I don’t doubt that you can reproduce an issue on various routes. But NYC KOM After Party isn’t one to bring in to this. As I said, the route isn’t a loop so once you end the route you’re also immediately off-route so you can’t rely on where Zwift may send you.