After Parties / After Party

Does someone have some documentation describing the after party feature? To start, how does one access an “After Party”?

The “after party” like in “Volcano Climb After Party” or "Keith Hill After Party” is the route name most if not all of them end on top of a climb.

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Look for events in zwiftpower or zwifthacks with course names you want to try. Innsbruck has an after party route as well as New York. See Zwift Insider for details on each course:

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Gerrie, what’s the story behind the name ‘Keith’ hill?


Keith is the other side of Leith Hill as Fox Hill is the other side of Box Hill. In reality only Leith and Box exist.




Thanks, Zee. I found the routes on zwifthacks. I guess my error is in over-thinking I could access the routes directly from the game.

Yeah, there is a number of other event only courses like New York LaGuardia and Gotham Grind. Zwift Insider has a full list of courses and Strava segments.

Zwift Routes

On Strava click the star and it will always show up as a segment on your ride details. Click ‘hide’ to get rid of segments you don’t want to continue seeing.