Why are we loosing routes?

There have been a few routes that have shown up missing. Awhile back Legends and Lava dropped, and just recently The Libby Hill Afterparty route is now gone. Is there some revamping of the maps and we are loosing routes or is this part of a planned change?


Legends and Lava is still available to free ride so I’m not sure why you would have any problem with that. Libby Hill After Party has always been event-only so it’s normal you can’t easily ride it.

The point is as a Group ride coordinator, we can no longer select these routes. The question is are they coming back or being replaced?

I get that I can free ride anything and everything. Thanks for the obvious.

Where did you mention that you are an event organizer in your OP? Oh, that’s right… you didn’t…

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I can see both of those routes available if I try to create a club group ride in Zwift Companion.

Are you talking about club rides, or public group rides created by the Zwift events team?

I believe Legends and Lava was removed because the route had a finish line bug. I don’t know the status of that.

Not sure about Libby Hill After Party but if you are talking about public events then that’s a question for the events team.

Libby hill after party is gone as well. Hadn’t notice but that is odd we have used that route quite a few times on social rides before

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That’s a way to make a friend :smiley:

Absolutely correct, and I apologize Paul for being snide.

The club ride events allow them, but the Public Events created through Zwift events will not allow those two to be selected through either the webtool or the ZC event - edit - Edit category selection.

I also get that those are one-way routes and if in a group ride, you hit the end of the route and the group will split at the next turn.

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