Finish on group events not on top on KOM

When creating events for private group rides, it seems that rides finishes not on top. Libby hill finishes at foot of the hill. Watopia volcano Kom after party 600 meters before top. Fire and ice at 2,4 km before top alp du zwift. Does anyone know of NYC KOM after party finishes on top?

Found the error. Zwift doesn’t count the lead in. So the events finishes exactly the distance of the lead in too short. For example : tour fire and ice has a lead in of 2,8km, so finish is on 2,8 km of the top of alp du zwift. Same for volcano Kom after party.

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is that when you select t do one lap or are you choosing a distance?

It’s when you create an event for a group. I only noticed it on events ending on top of a hill. Like NYC Kom after party and volcano Kom after party, tour of fire and ice and Libby hill after party.

NYC Kom after party is 36,6 km + 0,4 km lead in, so it should be 37 km