Course options for racing


Can you make some new courses that have finish line at top of a KOM section? Hardly any of the current options and this way meaning even “hilly” races tend to end in a group bunch sprint with drafting. For example volcano climb has a few KM of decent before finishing on the flat so any gains in the c!inn are usually lost to a group organising on descent.

This does. it require new maps etc just rerouting of existing content.

For example

A watopia course finishing at top of KOM / volcano
A London course finishing at top of box/Leith hill
A new york course finishing at top of KOM

This gives race organisers more variety when planning races and hilly races more suited to climbing.

Actually it is up to the race organizers, so I would suggest contacting them.

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They can only work with what Zwift offers, which it’s ver t limited.

The challenge to Zwift is to make more options available

But those options are available to the race directors already, they just choose not to use it.

I disagree Zwift does not have a course that ends at the top of the KOM in Watopia.

You are correct in that, but I believe race directors can have the finishline there if they so choose.

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And to add to Paul, there has been races that end at the KOM, there is just not a lot of them.

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I think there are now courses for racing that end atop the volcano and Keith Hill. See upcoming Tour of Zwift.

and there were a few races that ended at the epic kom line but few people entered that race. Most Alp races end at the top like wed’s Road to Sky but some return to the finish line banner. As stated, it is an option for race directors. Notice the other option is kilometers such as the KISS 2 km series on Saturdays, which has a ‘finish line’ at the 2 km mark. I love it.

Tour of Zwift is not a race though.

No, it’s a personal challenge against the clock… :grin:
But it shows that it is already possible to do so and and you asked for that in your initial post.

It does. It’s only available for races. The exact one you are describing. Last saturday:

There are many courses which are available for racing only and you can’t ride them otherwise. New York has 2 of such courses.