Finish line at KOMs

I enjoy zwift racing alot, but all courses except Richmond have flat finishes, and almost all races are decided by a sprint finish, meaning there are very few possibilities for pure climbers to fight for race wins. Why not make it possible to have the finnish line at the current KOMs? To me this seems like an easy way to create several new courses, and I geuss it is much less work than creating acctual course expansions.

Rikard, this could certainly be done. We know where the KOM finish lines are in terms of distance, so all we’d need to do is have the races go by distance and specify the route and distance to match up such that a KOM arch serves as the finish.

So this is really more up to the race organizers wanting to do this. From a “feature” standpoint, there is no reason we cannot do this right now.


Zwift Game Design

That is a super idea. 

Gerrie, I’ll suggest it to some of our race organizers, but if you contact the organizers of the races you like to do, it always means more coming from the participants.

Just tell them to contact me if they need help coordinating. They’ll know how to get in touch with me.


Super idea long over due. The current run or finish lines is getting a little old