More races for climbers

Right now there is only the Sunday Asia KOM that ends in a climb. There’s a bunch of us lightweights that would love a race to the top of the tower!

Virtually every race is flat or only slightly hilly.

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Asking for some feedback here. How would you rank the following in terms of desirability:

  • races on moderate hilly courses (e.g. The Hilly Route or Figure 8 or Road To Ruins) with a finish on the hill. So imagine a race on the classic Watopia Hilly Route with a finish on the classic KOM so multiple short climbs & KOM finish

  • races on very hilly courses with summit finishes (e.g. racing on The Mountain Loop or Mountain 8) with Epic KOM finish so multiple long climbs & KOM finish

  • races on flat/rolling courses that then transitioned to a longer climb just for the finish (e.g. races on the Volcano Circuit but finish on the Volcano Climb)

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Option 3… race to the base of the climb, and then…

Ranking of options for me would be: 1, 3, 2.

Time wise the 2nd option would be outside my normal ride duration. Part of what I love about Zwift is the ability to get a really good workout done within 60-75 minutes. That would barely allow me (a low B Cat Racer) to do one lap and still reach the Epic KOM finish. I love the second option in theory it just doesn’t quite fit with my use of Zwift, my longer multi-hour rides tend to be reserved for outdoor weekend rides. 

I am back of the pack D rider, so I won’t be likely racing for 1st, but I really like the idea of KOM finishes.

It doesn’t have to be a huge climb. Just something like a finish at the top of the hill out of the Jungle would be perfectly adequate.

It makes races a lot more fun when we have varied terrain (not just the flat loops over and over), and this would add even more to that fun.

Jordan- I would particularly like to see options 1 and 2.

Definitely option 2. I am about to which is mountainous

Option 3. As a light rider, you’ll probably be off the pace from the front of the race on the flat rolling part of the race better suited for those with big Watts but then you have the pleasure of overtaking a few of them and finishing stronger at the end.

Ideally, like a good boxer…Punch,punch,punch then knock out blow!

I would say Option 2, and then option 3