What Happened To My Training Plan Progress?

Hello friends,

I wanted to open a discussion to help add some clarity on Training Plan progress.

  • As of Summer 2022, training plans are now 100% available on day one as soon as you register.

  • Training Plans still need to be completed within a specific time frame, and will end automatically. Plans cannot be paused or resumed.

  • You can only enroll in one plan at a time. Enrolling in a new plan, then trying to enroll in an old plan will start a new attempt at that plan

  • You can view a completed training plan attempt after it’s over. However, enrolling in a plan for a new attempt will overwrite your last attempt at that plan

  • The timer begins the day you register, but all plans will have 2 additional weeks of flexibility if you haven’t finished your plan in the standard time period.
    **e.g. if you enroll in an 8-week training plan, you’ll have a maximum of 10 weeks to complete the workouts in the plan. However, if you complete the training plan in time, the plan will end on the last day of the 8th week

  • “Do by” dates are still weekly. If you register for a plan on Monday, you’ll want to do your week’s worth of workouts by Sunday.

  • The “Next Up” window will pop up on launch after you log in and pair. Android, iOS, and AppleTV Zwifters will want to force close Zwift after completed activities so Zwift launches fresh the next time

I’m happy to help add to this post if I missed anything. If you’ve looked through these and are still certain that you’ve experienced some kind of bug, please reach out to Support and we’ll be happy to help.