Plan progress not updating after workout

Hi, everyone.

I’ve just finished the Build Me Up plan and then signed up to the TT Tune Up plan, which I condensed to 5 weeks.

After each workout when the screen pops up, the plan doesn’t show the progress. It just constantly reads 0/25.

If I access the plan through the Training screen (I.e. before you ride) the progress is shown just fine.

I contacted Zwift and they told me to reset my internet cache (can’t see how that will help?) and to reinstall. I deleted Zwift from my Mac and reinstallled, but the problem is still there.

I did copy the CP and Workout folder so I didn’t lose my stats. Would that have an effect? Any ideas would be helpful.

I’ve attached screenshots from the post-ride screen, and from the Training screen so you can see the difference.

Thank you,

Be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this? Zwift support are taking a week between replies and have been less than helpful so far.