What good is steering when it overrides course direction

I just tried to complete Legends and Lava, the first turn it tried to take me to Repack Ridge, I had to override just in time by pressing on screen path button to keep going straight. Then at 17km got past the Italian Villa’s sprint to head towards the volcano and it turned me right and took me off the course, so I u-turned to get back on course and lost the ride achievement.

Why can we not have this working properly, it was fine until I got steering.

Did it again after the sprint, this time riding Figure 8 Reverse it turned me right when I was suppose to go straight. During the sprint to the bridge, how the hell is a person suppose to make sure to they go straight,… they SHOULDN’T need to its a route achievement. FFS, tried having a leisurely ride with the Mrs to complete a ride achievement and this stuff happens,… fix it.

I get the frustration, there should be some sort of confirm changing course interaction needed. Though, someone else could be asking “What good is steering if it can’t be be used to change courses?” (that is, to make turnoffs)

The issue is it was a route achievement, it should not have turned me off the route path. I chose it at the beginning, it should keep me on it. Free ride I could understand steering for path/direction, but steering should NOT override when you are riding a route achievement.

So from 3 rides and the 3rd attempt at getting Figure 8 Reverse achievement, this time I did not sprint after Italian Villas. Even though the option to go straight was chosen, once you hit the sprint banner finish, it will automatically swap on your screen from the go straight to turn right by itself. I had to quickly use my mouse and click the go straight again. I did nothing in the form of move my wheel, I left it straight from about 100m before the finish.