What are the 10 Changes you would like to see in Zwift?

10 changes I’d quite like (not really in any order)

  1. Scrapping start pens and lead-ins, and making it so every ride and race starts on the road next to a start/finish arch. Doing this would make it easier for everyone to understand route distances, and for Zwift to create more reverse route badges.

  2. Making it so streaks are only rewarded ON THE BIKE, rather than at the end of rides, so I only ever level up when pedalling.

  3. Virtual Gears for the Wahoo Kickr Core (this would probably encourage me to get a Zwift Play).

  4. Telling me the distance and/or evelation remaining to the top of the climb, whatever climb I’m on.

  5. Making sure Zwift takes every opportunity to encourage me on the bike. PB on a sector: Well done! 2nd best time on a sector: Well done! 3rd best time: Well done!

  6. Only displaying PBs/course records and gradient graphs for the route I’m on, rather than telling me I’m 01:30 into the World Champs lap when I’m only doing the Innsbruckring.

  7. Make it so there are “reverse route” badges on more of the shorter Zwift routes. To avoid route choice overload, this could be limited so you only unlock the chance to do the reverse badges when you’ve completed all the forward routes in a world up to a certain distance (e.g. up to 20km, up to 40 km, up to 60km).

  8. Making it so I can always have a chat window visible on the left-hand-side of the screen, except when PB boards come up (I find it easier to read chat on my screen than on Companion).

  9. Making the gradient graph more useful.

  10. Stopping threads like this going off-topic