Please, only level me up when I'm ON THE BIKE!

I’m all for the new levelling up system, with one exception: Because of the large number of points you get for a streak, the past two times I’ve levelled up have been after I’ve finished my ride and got off the bike.

Because the adrenalin has stopped flowing, it’s a bit of an anti-climax; it’s much better to receive congratulations for levelling up or completing a streak when I’m on the bike, where ticker-tape flashes can give me a boost as I ride, not as I head for the shower.

The hardest bit about keeping a streak going is getting ON the bike - so I think the streaks should be awarded only AT THE START of rides, not the end. I think this would create a better boost and better experience for all.

Please “vote” above if you agree, or comment below! :slight_smile:

Or, since you need to ride 2km to have it count for the streak; have the bonus awarded then.

But yes, I’m not a fan of XP awarded post ride, mostly because the level up doesn’t appear in my activity feed (along with my route completion badges, jersey awards and the like).


Yeah, at the 2km mark the banner should probably show up saying you got the streak bonus and you should get the XP then. There’s no reason to have to wait until after the ride to find out you got the bonus.


Also keep the level up banner on screen for a bit longer so you can get a screenshot of it!

I’m going through the levels at the moment (75 to 78 testerday).

OK, no need to rub it in! :stuck_out_tongue:


Intensive training block before I’m back at work. :wink:

Then it will all slow down.

I went back to work last week. :sob::sob:

Of all the things to complain about

I dunno, going back to work is pretty harsh after Christmas and New Year.

As for the streak bonus during a ride, I’m all for it.

Gaining a level could potentially open a new road to someone, which they could then choose to ride immediately in some cases. At least it might unlock a new item they could change into.

Since people only need to ride 2km, the game knows exactly when the streak bonus has been reached. It would feel more notable if it was dropped with confetti in the game, rather than just a bit of text that says “+500XP” on a post-ride screen many people don’t even want to read.

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Along with what @SeattleSauve and @CardiffGreens said, I think this sounds like a good solution.

By “AT THE START of rides” I think we should get the bonus/congrats within the first 5 minutes of pedalling, whatever the distance. And if that’s 5 minutes of warming up in a start pen before we get the ticker tape/confetti, it’d be good with me. I just want the achievement and the ticker-tape to be directly linked to the hardest part - getting going - rather than getting off the bike.


I just levelled up off the bike again, when the adrenalin’s dropped, and it feels like an anti-climax. I think that’s now 3 of the last 4 times I’ve levelled up have been off the bike (it could be out of 5).

The weird thing today was I wasn’t even starting my fifth week streak - I started that yesterday - but yet I still seemed to get a 500XP bonus.

So if I’m getting 500XP (equivalent of 25km of riding) + levelling up acceleration every time I step OFF the bike, it’s clear I’m going to level up off the bike about as much as I am on it. And I don’t think that’s the motivation levelling up is supposed to be.

Please change it so the bonus for streaks is applied when we’re on the bike, not at the end.

You get the streak on the first two rides of the week, if I recall correctly.

Maximum of two streak bonuses per week, for 2km+ rides on two separate days. A single 2km+ ride per week keeps the streak progressing towards the maximum bonus of 500 XP per ride.

yes, make it a banner on the screen like when you finish a new route or get a new level, then we don’t need that redundant streak screen at the end of a ride at all and it can go away!


I think it’s a bit silly how it doesn’t make it clear we get a bonus for a second ride; it just seems to expect us to have looked at the streak FAQs page. I wonder if anyone at Zwift has looked at how many people have ever read that page…?

Maybe with the banner saying something like:
First ride of the week:
“500XP Streak Bonus! Well done for extending your streak into a new week! Keep it going!”

Second ride of the week:
“500XP Streak Bonus! Well done for making this week stronger with a second ride! Keep it going!”

As for the streak screen itself, I don’t mind being reminded how much I’ve done “in this streak” at the end of the ride, so long as any XP bonuses are applied during a ride, so I really feel like I’m “earning” them.

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I’m bumping this up again because I just levelled up at the end of the ride again, and it was the thing which made me decide “It’s time to cancel my Zwift membership for the summer”, so I did.

I like being encouraged on the bike; I like getting showered with ticker tape when on the bike, but the streak screen giving me XP after my ride has finished is taking several of those moments away from me. Please make it so if or when I come back to Zwift, we only get awarded XP and levelled up when riding.

This is exactly how I feel, give me any XP and consequent levelling up during the ride, not after. The Streak Bonus screen is proving to be a massive de motivator for me.

It was a pleasure recently to ride Zwift Games 2024 Epic where the long mileage and badge XP enabled me to level up during the ride, much more satisfying, like the old Zwift.


Please do NOT make this change. I personally love getting leveled up after the fact. It’s a nice post ride surprise, like a good post credits scene. Doesn’t impact the movie (or my ride) in any way, it’s just a fun little bonus. Leave it the way it is already; it’s great!


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A downside to having the Streak Bonus and leveling up after the ride is that when reviewing activities on the Companion App, you don’t see which rides leveled you up.
For example, I know that I leveled up on March 26. I took note of that.
I did 2 rides that day - one with a pace partner, and one on the Big Spin.
Neither ride shows the level up achievement in the Companion App, because it happened between the rides, with the streak bonus, since that was the 2nd ride day of the week.
So, for data nerds that like to know when things happened it makes it hard to keep track of that if it happens between rides.