Pause streak


I do get the whole point that streaks are meant to keep people moving on a consistent basis.

But when traveling or injured it really sucks to lose progress, while these things dare unavoidable and it feels unfair to be punished for them.

Would it be possible to add the possibility to pauze the streak in advance, say before the week starts, so people who know they can’t get on the bike the next week can keep their progress?

I think that kind of defeats the object of the whole streak process.

Don’t look at it as being punished but more as not being rewarded.

Just to be sure: I think the streak could be a great addition. Just suggesting an improvement :blush:

I think it depends on how you define a streak and especially who gets to decide when you are doing well.

To me it would mean the number of times that I achieve the goal I set for myself, not the one that is forced upon me by Zwift. Currently they get to decide that I must ride on Zwift every week, or else cannot enjoy the streaks just because I travel regularly and don’t want to ride indoors when the weather is good outdoors.

As it is now, I would prefer not to have the obligatory update rubbing it in after every ride. That’s actually demotivating and counterproductive: Will upvote the posts requesting that.

That’s okay, so would the rest of us, including those of us who do ride every day :sweat_smile:

Folks have been asking for this one single feature since it released, and Zwift still can’t seem to figure out all of the requests for “we don’t want to see it”, actually means: ‘we don’t want it to show up at all.’

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Maybe the streaks should be for months instead of weeks. Like extra XP for riding once a month. Or perhaps once a year would make it more accessible?