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(Christian Heyer) #1

zwift failed three times this week in the middle of climb with kickr on IOs

that is more than annoying. 

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Christian, sorry to hear of the problems.  When you say ‘Zwift failed’, what do you mean?   It crashed and went away leaving you back at the home screen on iOS?

(Christian Heyer) #3

There have been 2 Failure modes:

  1. the already reported Kickr drop of resistance. 2x

  2. Zwift completely shut down, crashed and had to be restarted. 1x

After the first failure I always unplugged Kickr and rebooted it before starting the workout.

(Jon Mayfield) #4


Re: #1, We’re working with Wahoo to investigate this - do you have the new 2016 Kickr?  If so, Wahoo is working on some firmware update that may reduce the issue, but not totally alleviate it.    Additionally, on PC and Mac as of yesterday, Zwift will now try to recover this situation when it detects it.  I do not currently believe the issue is caused by Zwift, but we are trying to at least detect it and re-set all the states.  I’m hoping to figure out how to detect this issue over bluetooth for users like yourself next.  

Re: #2, the iOS update that was released about 24 hours ago solved our top 4 crash issues.  If you’ve not yet got it, I hope you can give it a try.  

Again, sorry for the trouble and if/when Wahoo’s firmware update is released I’ll re-post in this thread so you can give it a try.

(Christian Heyer) #5


yes 2016 Kickr, 1 Month old.

as I am up for a ride now, I will try the new stuff and report.

(Christian Heyer) #6

Well, updated kickr and Zwift.

Made the climb up fully this time that failed twice lately  

Seems to be fixed. 

Will keep you posted.