What after "Build me up" training plan

Hi All,

I am a mountain biker (Enduro) and I will complete the “Build me Up” training plan this week.
According to you what should I do as next training plan to be prepared for next MTB season in March 2021 ?

Thanks a lot for your advice

Hi @GEAMX, have you taken a peek at the Abas Cape Epic workouts (this is not in the training plans, but under the workout menu - Mountain bike). There are also a few plans specifically for MTB/Gravel like the single track slayer, gravel grinder, etc…

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Hi Mike,

I have seen these plans, but actualy as I am a newbie in training plan I fear to do bad if I don’t do fundamental Endurance to prepare my next season and I’m not sure all the mentioned plan prepare for that.
With my Garmin Fenix watch I have captured all the BUILD ME UP workouts and the result is that I have a good Anaerobic level, very good Aerobic level but a very low level of weak Aerobic that I would like to increase.

You could try the Active Offseason plan, lots of zone 2 endurance building in this plan. The Build Me Up plan is more advanced, so if you made it through that one you should be able to do just about any of the others.

Ok will try this One.
Thanks a lot :blush:

Definitely go for Active Offseason!