Training Advice After BUILD ME UP

Hey Guys,

just finished my first 12 weeks on zwift and the build me up training program, dang that was heavy. increased my ftp from 263 to 282 i feel good and in shape now. Im looking for a new training program as my main focus is racing dirtbikes. with the season ahead and my heart rate peaking on a dirtbike all the time around 190 - 210 BPM minum 3 times a week. i think i need to decrease the stress on my body otherwise it wont recover well. in my opionion i thougt that the Active Offseason would be good to maintain my condition and increase my aerobic or anarobic fitness or vice versa. beceause of the long low heart rate rides… and to become a well round athlete

I hope someone could help me out with some advice.


The best option may be the most boring: many hours spent in heart rate zone 2. Zwift doesn’t have plans that focus on this kind of development, but there are individual workouts you can find in the library that do, and some of them are in Active Offseason. It’s also not necessary to have an ERG mode workout to do it. It’s easier in a free ride (and for me, more enjoyable) especially if you dial down the Trainer Difficulty setting so you’re not as tempted to increase power on hills. That way you can focus on heart rate instead of staying in a power zone, where your heart rate may vary based on how fatigued you are. I did this by badge hunting the longer routes to make it more engaging.