What a shame zwift is

Did the teat abo that came with my tacx. Every time you touch the esc key it ends the training, no chance to resume. whow what great idea. Is more a pc game than a traings software. Never ever i will spend money for that.

come again??


I don’t think this does happen but if it does i can think of at least one solution to your problem.


I hate Swift. Very time I press Alt+F4 it crashers!!!


Hi @Harald_Tuma

Welcome to the forum.

If you press the esc key by mistake you can either press it again or you can click on the back arrow (see image below)

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Always amazed by people who come into the forum just to berate Zwift.

100% it’ll be a lack of understanding by the OP.

Check back in a month and they’ll be level 15.

I don’t want to blast anyone–I get software-based frustration. But sometimes you do have to ask…if the problem you’re experiencing is so completely debilitating with no workaround, how are thousands of other people able to make it work? When I remember to think that way (not always), it leads to me to ask “How do I make this work?” rather than yell that I can’t.

OP, hopefully you can get this sorted. When you hit ESC, do you see the little arrow like in the image Gerrie posted?

Doubt they’ll respond Tom.

Seen many a post like this. Cone on here, vent & then disappear.

How many times do we explore something new & berate it through a lack of understanding.

Hated my Garmin Fenix for this reason
Edge 520 was awful compared to my 500
Every time i buy a new phone I’m thinking I’ll send it back because it doesn’t work like my old one.

The list goes on.

I know, just trying to be nice :slight_smile: My technique is to not have a lot of money so first I buy a crappy product. Then when I’m really familiar with all of its failings, I’ve saved up for a good one and it’s amazing :smiley:

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Great that some of you are pros and never had bad experience or did a mistake.

  1. When you on a ride and something went wrong, maybe you did not see the arrow, like it happens to me. Thanks for the 1 good answer.

  2. Fine that you are satisfied with this product, I’m not

  3. I wrote the post during my training and I was really angry about the problem that occurs

  4. Correct, it is not an Abo that comes with the TACX, its a 1-month tryout

  5. and finally, I did a replay but, maybe you can understand that there are more important things than looking every minute if somebody answers a post.

No problem, Harald.

It is never nice when something goes wrong especially when you are tired.

We have all made mistakes and we learn from them. That is what makes the forum nice.

What happened to you happened to my Wife this week during a race luckily I was training right next to her and could tell her what to do in the moment.

if you had come here asking for solutions to problems maybe you’d have got better responses? just a thought?

suggested your mind was made up and so helpful answers would have been a waste of time.

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I still don’t know what an “Abo” is?

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I’m still none the wiser of the actual issue.

I think abo might be a 1 month trial.

“Abo” = Subscription. He is probably Austrian.

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Gerrie, thanks for the nice words.

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Chris, If you think its a waste if time, why do you send a answer?

Let’s be nice.

This thread started a bit rocky but let’s get it back on track.

Please let us know if you have any more questions, there is lots to learn but it is fun,


I said “helpful” answers would have been a waste of time - my unhelpful sarcastic statement was a very valid use of my time.

Thanks for the offer to give me help if needed. Hope the other things are easier to figure out for me.

Yes, I’m austrian, and abo means subscription.
My english is not as good as it should be :slight_smile: