What a shame zwift is

your english is considerably better than my german. You can express yourself in german and then we will google a translation.

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:slight_smile: thanks for the flowers (as we say in german, dont know if in english this works also)
I try do write on english, olny if you practice you get better.

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Mijn Nederlands is niet zo goed, en ook hier niet zo nuttig. Ik ken geen German. :frowning:

From google

I love that expression, “danke für die Blumen”, the literal translation is “thank you for the flowers” but it is more something like “thank you for the compliments” .

What I love about it is that it is more used with a bit of irony, like when someone gives you a back handed compliment or tells you something bad about you.

I love the irony twists because german idioms are usually very rigid.

Yes - sorry to say probably translates well into English here.

Normaly it is used without irony, especialy on internet i wouldnt use it with irony, because if you do so in a face to face discussion, you change the sound of yure voice.

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