Weight disparity on ZP

What could cause a 20kg disparity between a rider’s weight on their ZP profile and that same rider’s race weight for their latest many races?

Profile says 60kg, and race weights says 82 kg.

No suspicious weight changes under ‘aliases’. Only small adjustments around the 82kg area.

How would the 60kg get in there?

Maybe they let someone else use their account, who weighs 60Kg.

Maybe the user lowered their weight for a hilly group ride, such as the long courses being tackled by the fairly new Zwift Insider series (with a race the following weekend), to complete a route quicker at a lower effort.

But such weight changes would surely show up under the ‘aliases’ tab on ZP, right?

Pure speculation here: I wonder if the 60kg weight on the profile might have been pulled from the data for a free ride. We know that zFTP can be affected by free rides, so might the weight similarly be affected by non-event activities?

That might be it. Letting someone else use the account for a free ride (or just experimenting with a different weight on a free ride)

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They should definitely flag this but there’s category enforcement already and if you go 60kg at 250 FTP you wont be able to go back for 90 days on a lower FTP, I think?

Maybe FTP is separate from the weight itself ?

Anybody have tried to enter race cat W/kg with diffrent weight? Is there any immediat calculation adjustement or does it remember your previous weight?

In this case it’s an A category rider so there is no risk of category promotion. If it wasn’t done in a race (apparently not in this case) then it doesn’t really matter, it’s just a curious thing to see on their profile.

Category enforcement uses the average of the weights at which you set your best power numbers for the last 90 days, to minimize the effects of weight manipulation.

only if they rode under that weight for a race or group ride event.

I don’t believe the ZwiftPower ‘aliases’ tab will pick up changes for free rides.

i can think of a few slightly against ToS reasons why someone might do it but none of them are harmful or have anything to do with racing so i wouldn’t worry about it. getting the last 1000m out of the way quickly to unlock the tron for example

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I suspect it’s just what you see if the rider has forgotten to reset their weight after letting someone else free ride on their account. I’m sure next time before they ride or race they will probably remember to reset to their correct weight.

I have just set my weight 68lbs less than it is, refreshed my ZP profile to see it change to lower value on ZP, then reset again to correct weight and reset back to correct weight on ZP.

I suspect if I had not refreshed my profile on ZP it would have done the same had I done a free ride on Zwift at the lower weight.

My Aliases weight has not changed and again I suspect it would not change unless I do an activity which is recorded on ZP at the changed weight.


Just to be sure: Not worried in the slightest. Just couldnt wrap my head around how this could be. But the free ride explanation seems the most likely

O… kay… just done my second race in “c” cat that was supposed to be 1-2.5 w/kg and I got into guys pushing 2.5 w/kg to 5 w/kg ?!?!

WTF is going on ?

Is cheating become a pandemic on ZWIFT? ( just return from summer)

I have taken a video of the c guys going at 5 w/kg for half the crit ?

Does Zwift got leasy at cleaning stuff ?

@Patrick_Belanger2777 C is 2.5-3.2w/kg.

When I register I found it funny for c to be 1 to 2.5 but I couldn’t keep up with the group which I normally does easy on a crit.

I’m not sure everybody read the race rules before signing up.

“We are NOT using standard Zwift categories, and also having a women’s only race. If you are a usual nighter racer you know where to sign-up, but if you’re joining us virtually:”

I suspect many riders, including the person you have named and shamed, did not realise this was not a CE governed race and have inadvertently entered the wrong category. [ I suspect the D category for this race was the women’s only race - quite confusing]

The person you have named in your post above is relatively new to Zwift, since August, and this was their first race. I would like to think they have entered a category in good faith, raced as hard as they can and will now be awarded an appropriate race category for future races.

I wonder whether you would consider removing the post of their name and video?

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just to add to ian… if you have an issue with something another person on zwift did… try just talking it out calmly with them directly first. like either in the race itself or on their zwift feed i mean, i don’t encourage or condone following anyone around off site as doing things like that is one of the first serious symptoms of terminal brain rot

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