Help me understanding Aliases

I noticed on Zwift Power there is an Aliases tab. After clicking on it I seen I had some rides that had been flagged. The definition of aliases is - “a false or assumed identity”. Looks like any time that I have adjusted my weight, the next ride is flagged. I try to keep my weight as accurate as possible. ( I thought that’s what we were supposed to do) I don’t ever want to be accused of cheating. Does this mean anything, should I be concerned that I have rides under the aliases tab. It kind of makes me not want to adjust my weight ??? Please help me understand. Doug Ox

Do you have a screenshot. I don’t see anything on your profile.

I’ve looked at other zp accounts. everyone seems to have lots of aliases. just bothers me.

it just tracks body weight changes and zwiftpower usernames, it’s the same for everyone. it doesn’t matter for the most part but if you were to change your bodyweight by 40kg overnight, your height by 20cm, and your username from “lance armstrong” to “tyler hamilton” it would show up there and obviously that would be a red flag. otherwise don’t worry about it

That is nothing to be concerned about. That table update when you change name, weight or Height.

Okay thanks.
FYI: My wife hasn’t changed anything on her zp account. Ever. And she got an aliases ride on her Satarday group ride. That don’t make no sense. :dizzy_face:

sorry, minor correction. it tracks your ingame username. mine updated when i added “48” to mine which is my zrl team name. so it’s possible she made a minor change to her username or something. i assume the red highlights are there to indicate what was changed on a particular date. anyway, it’s fine

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This time last year, I was in a TTT team where we adopted “personas” every thursday. The Aliases tab was awash with silly names.