Watts Lock

Something odd has happened to me 3 times now and always on the same course, when sprint finishing in neokyo I cross the line at full gas and stop pedalling, standard stuff. However my avatar holds power at whatever I cross the line at until I log out of Zwift. The first time was in ZRL last season and I didn’t log out for 5 minutes all the while my avatar is holding my 15 second max, makes my Zwiftpower stats look ridiculous.
I watch out for it now so as not to get caught out. My set up is a Wattbike Pro connected to a MacBook

Holding power for that long is something I’d really like to look into more closely than I can on the forums. Can you check to make sure you’re on the most recent firmware for your Wattbike then reach out to support with a list of which rides this happened to you on so we can dig into it.

It happened to me in the wahoo le col event a few days ago on 16.04 but I spotted it and disconnected after less than minute while holding 9.9 w/kg while not peddling.
Back on the 08.02.21 was when I first noticed it but thought nothing of it at the time, maybe a one off glitch until the repeat incident a few days ago