Watts and speed too slow

I’m using and indoor exercise bike with cadence and speed sensors.
However, with 100 rpm i cant get even closer to 1 w/kg, so my speed is too slow, specially on climbs, where sometimes i climbing at 2km/h. What can i do? can do a rpm higher than 140 xD

Can you give us more details on the sensors you are using and how you’ve set them up with Zwift.

What type of bike are you using.

My bike is this simple one.
I have wahoo speed and cadence sensor. I set cadence on the pedal and the speed on the “speed wheel” which is quite small, however the sensor is in the middle, so i think it isn’t relevant.
Like i said, with 100/120 rpm in 5% climb i can’t get more than 3/4 km/h which i think its wrong. Also my watt/kg is 0.8 avg +/-

That bike is not compatible because Zwift don’t know at what resistance you set the bike. So it will either under estimate or over estimate

I know, but isn’t possible to set an average value?

I think the flywheel turn to slow.

What if i use a normal bike with the rear wheel on the air? It will happen the sane, right?

Has gears and therefore the wheel spin faster.

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Generally, exercise bikes are problematic on Zwift but more money will solve many of those issues, ie
power meter pedals.

Zwift was designed for bikes and trainers.
You can use any bike that fits on a trainer but not every trainer will work.
Most exercise bikes don’t work.

Power meters are the solution for most of these non supported applications.
Some patched together setups may let you move in game, but the accuracy will be very poor.

I think this is the same for all the other platforms too.