Wattbike Atom - Apple TV - HR

I am using the Zwift App with my ATOM and it’s working perfectly with the exception of my HR, as I believe that there isn’t enough available connections. (Apple Remote/Atom/Cadence)

I have a Samsung Tablet & mobile which I run the Companion App - this works well.

Can you advise how I can connect a HR monitor? I have Garmin/Polar straps which is picked up on the Wattbike App but I can’t work out how to connect using the Companion App…I’m sure I’m being silly.

Furthermore, when I do programme on Zwift when there is a FreeRide segment my Wattbike resistance goes into almost lockdown and I have to abort. Is this a known issue?

Trying to connect garmin hr strap to, but with no success. Did you have any joy yet.

Also, yes that is a problem I have experienced a lot, and many others have mentioned this on the forums. Yet to hear of a fix for this