New User - Wattbike Atom/ Ant+ HRM Compatibility

Hi I’m new to Zwift and based in UK and I have a Wattbike Atom. Everything is fine in terms of using the Atom - auto paired everything EXCEPT my Garmin Ant+ HRM.
I am not technical and I have read some threads stating that Ant+ is not compatible with Zwift and I need a bridge or a HRM that is Bluetooth compatible. There seems to be two main “simple” options:

  1. 4iiii Viiiiva HRM - costs £80 in UK
  2. Wahoo TICKR - cost £40 in UK
    They are both Bluetooth and Ant+ so I can use on Zwift and if I’m using the Wattbike App only.
    ps - I don’t understand the “bridge” solution and it looks messy to me (and less likely to work)

Please can someone confirm my understanding is correct and I will buy the TICKR and save myself money.

What device are you running Zwift on (PC, Mac, iOS, ATV or Android).

I’m guessing by what you are saying that you are using either an iOS or Android device. The simplest solution for you I think would be the Tickr since it’s duel band (both Ant+ and Bluetooth).

Just an FYI, Ant+ works just fine with Zwift depending on your setup Android in most situations that is what I would recommend.

Paul - Thanks - I am using an Ipad for the main Zwift App with an Iphone for the Zwift companion. I don’t have Android.
So I will buy the Tickr

Garmin has a new duel band HRM that would also work for you.

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Thanks again - hrm ordered so I can now see how high my heart rate is in HIT sessions !

Hi @Ian_Greatorex @Paul_Allen,

I too am new to Zwift with the Wattbike Atom. I have the exact same setup - Atom, Garmin ANT+ HRM, iPad for Zwift, iPhone for Companion. One of the big selling points (or so I thought) was that the Atom converted the ANT+ into bluetooth for things like Zwift to consume via an iOS device.

My Atom connects to Zwift (on iPad) with no issues, my Garmin HRM is just not found at all.

Is my understanding of the Atom’s ‘conversion’ ability for Zwift wrong or am I doing something wrong?

Any help is hugely appreciated!

I believe the “conversion” or bridging of the ANT+ signal is not something that the Wattbike can do. I believe the only 2 devices that can do that are the NPE CABLE and the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM.

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Thanks Paul - this is one of the videos that led me tho thinking it should do it WATTBIKE ATOM: Everything you need to know - YouTube

at 4min 21 in, he talks about exactly this - do you interpret this differently - perhaps it only does it for the Wattbike Hubb…I’m confused :sweat_smile:

OK, it seems like it can, but now sure how to get it to work. Are you connecting the HRM to the Atom?

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Well, I tried searching via Zwift, in the same way I paired the Atom. No joy.

I have managed to pair the HRM via the Atom to the Wattbike hub on my iPhone. I don’t have the Wattbike app on the ipad, perhaps (I don’t see why) the iOS device needs both apps to run on it to help…

For anyone else that ever stumbles on this - I have found this article by DCRainmaker. It seems to come to the conclusion that the smart bridging capability of the Atom is only possible to Wattbike’s own app. Time to buy a Bluetooth HRM!

"Last but not least is the interesting re-transmission of both Polar legacy analog heart rate transmission as well as ANT+ HR transmission over to Bluetooth Smart. This means that on the Wattbike app (I’ve only tried iOS), it’ll actually allow you to pair to both ANT+ & legacy Polar analog HR straps. The way this works is that the bike does the pairing using goodness inside the unit. Then from there it translates that signal to Bluetooth Smart and sends it onwards to the Wattbike app.*

I haven’t fully tested whether or not they are re-broadcasting it as standard Bluetooth Smart heart-rate accessible to other devices/apps (my initial look says no, but perhaps it’s premature there). Still, that’s pretty darn nifty if ya ask me."

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Late to the thread but best if you buy a Bluetooth HRM such as Wahoo for about £30 - that’s what I did and everything syncs fine with my Atom



Hi Ian,

Thanks for this - Yeah, I’ve just decided to do that - seems like the way you have to go. Went with the Garmin Dual, purely based on the fact that I’m used to wearing that strap and it’s comfortable.

Thanks for the help and stay safe.

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You too James - Zwift away !!!