Wattage way too high and cant fix!

I am using an Elite novo smart trainer.
I did the stage 5 race and this was fine and everything seemed normal, then went straight into Lady LIberty in New York afterwards and suddenly my wattage increased ridiculously. This was fun for 20 mins whilst I literally flew with not very much effort achieving 600-700 watts.
Then I did the stage 6 race yesterday in category D (my Ftp is 193 and I generally ride at about 2,3w/kg) and again, I flew. I finished in 22 mins beating everyone except the guy who worked so hard to keep up with me that I let him finish first. I held an average of 5,2kw/kg. Totally unrealistic.
I didnt change anything on the trainer or on Zwift to get this super power and now cant work out what to do to get it back to normal. I have tried resetting the trainer and nothing has changed. Any advice about where the glitch might be? Thank you!

Hey Sally
I have the same problem with the same trainer.
Have you had any luck fixing it?