Wattage double as normal - UNREAL

Dear zwifter,
My HT is ELITE Suito-T.

I just rode ADZ this morning for the first time since May2021 (>6months).
I ve been only training with ERG mode since then.

Big issues happened as I was averaging 450 w all ride while i used to be between 200-230W.
What could be the problem that caused this effect? I doubt i did anything wrong to make this happening and I m defenitely less fit than before, so i should more be like under 200W…

Does anyone has had this kind of ununderstandable wattage?? How can I fix that? How did it come subitely?

I really wait for your inputs to support me, i don’t really know where to go to fix that and get back to normal for my futur training…

Thanks guys!

check settings in MyETraining app;
start with wheel circumference & run a calibration (after a 10min warmup on the trainer)

sometimes this happens when you are using a single sided power meter and tick an option to double up the power (but zwift does this automatically already or something) - but doesn’t sound like that is the case here, unless you’ve acidentally connected a different power meter to zwift other than your smart trainer…?

I ll try this trough my ETraining.

And because of my morning ride, my FTP went up to 415!!

I always suggest the moment you note that something is amiss with the accuracy of your setup, stop riding and either recalibrate or stop completely exit Zwift and see if problem is resolved.

Did you complete your ride up ATZ?
If so, why?
Now your FTP is incorrect and you will be asking the Zwift staff to reset your FTP.
Even if you don’t race, you have an incorrect time, possible KOM , up the Alp.
Incorrect set ups mess up a lot of things for the Zwift community, not just the rider.

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Hopefully it was a one-off glitch and it won’t happen again. Re-calibrate your trainer and see if it is normal again next time.

You can easily reset your Zwift FTP in the Workouts section of the menu (it’s a slider on the right).

I ve tried re-callibrate my zwift, first it’s very complicated!!!
The 3rd step of callibrating takes just soo long and then to make it « ok » we have to cycle like crazy?!
I don’t know how works this thing, but really unusual…

Then it’s supposed to be done, i tried the alps to make at least a good impression, and straight away in the ill, my wattage went up to 400+ so i stopped directly!

I don’t know what to do next!!! This is really pissing me off :rage:

Are you calibrating via Zwift itself? If so, don’t do that, you should calibrate via the manufacturer’s app, in this case the Elite My-eTraining app.

So I used to always use the Wahoo app to calibrate my kicr, but the last two times I decided to try the Zwift calibration, is it less accurate to do it that way for some reason? If so I’ll of course go back to the Wahoo app.

Zwift’s calibration is generic, whereas the manufacturer’s app is designed to be used with your trainer. The two might end up doing exactly the same thing, but the manufacturer app will always be the more reliable way to carry out the calibration.

Zwift themselves advise the same thing, to use the trainer-specific app.

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It’s a huge non-sense thiz callibration stuff. I have been trying to callibrate again and again and it never reflects to how i used to ride!!
Never at all.

I callibrate trough my e training for my suito t. Tried to ride, and it’s not working normal at all.
So i tried to callibrate on zwift then, and it went even worst, i was again climbing way too easily… which can’t be!!

Anyone who encountered the same issues??

Any tips?

Is it possible to reset it all and start from scratch? Maybe that would be the solution… :confused:

Don’t calibrate through Zwift. If the calibration through myEtraining doesn’t seem to be working properly, then go to Elite’s website and raise a support ticket with them. They can guide you through some troubleshooting procedures.

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take it to a local bike shop and have them set it up for you