Wattage goes crazy after ride [BUG]

Just experienced this bug this evening. Basically, I got off the trainer and just sat down on the chair next to it while the trainer was still spinning. I grabbed the mouse and was waiting for the “I’m done” button to pop-up, but instead my avatar “freaked out” and it gave me an insane reading of over 3,000 W and the green jersey before finally popping the “I’m done” screen. I will try to recreate again tomorrow morning. I also have a screen shot if you are interested.

I am using a Lemond Revolution trainer with a Wattbox. I know that it is not officially supported, but apart from this particular issue, it has worked flawlessly. I am close to level 8 :slight_smile:

Hi Ramon,

If it happens again, please send us a support ticket!

I tried to re-create it last night, without success. I will keep trying :slight_smile: