Wattage all over the place

Hi all,

I am having issues with the feedback through the pedals and the wattage jumping all over the place during open ride, it gets worse when I am climbing. The wattage can range between 250 and 450 watts and as you can imagine with that changing every second or two it is hard to pedal. Has anyone else had this issue?

Please can someone help as I am losing the will to live as this has happened a number of times and was quite a large investment.



usual questions -
what is your set up? trainer/power meter etc
what platform are you using? pc, android, ios?

when you say the wattage ranges between 250 and 450 watts are you in sim mode (just riding around) or in erg mode (trainer controls the resistance to maintain a certain wattage)?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for replying

Set up - Tacx Flux 2. No power meter or anything added on just a Garmin edge 530.
Bluetooth bridged through my phone to my laptop (Macbook Pro 2015 model)

Sim mode yes, it gets worse (greater deviation) the steeper the climb or the mode wattage i am pushing out

In workout mode , ERG on, the wattage just isn’t reacting to what the workout plan is suggesting. I will be warming up/ramp up from 80 - 180 watts and then went into leg primer of 280 and it just floated around 180-220 the whole time.

do you pair the fe-c version of the trainer?

have you tried erg mode in the tacx app to make sure the trainer works as it should on other software?

also make sure nothing else is contected to the trainer that could be altering the resistance.

Is it connected to the Garmin too at the same time as Zwift? If so, turn off the Garmin and see if that helps any.

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I turned everything off so there was no extra bluetooth interference and still nothing

i disconnected everything to be sure and nothing

i haven’t tried erg in tacx, i didn’t know it had one as i only use zwift

i will try that…if that doens’t work…?

also how can i just connect the trainer straight to my computer…the bluetooth doesn’t pick it up

might be worth trying to get an ant+ dongle and pair to your computer directly via that instead of using the companion app

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yeah i was looking into ant+ dongle…any recommendations?

Also what did you mean by pairing the fe-c version?

This is the ANT+ protocol that controls your smart trainer. If you do get an ANT+ dongle also get a UBS extension cable so it can be right under your trainer (just don’t sweat on it!). I bought the cheap one from Amazon that came with the extension cable, I think it was $13 or so and it works great. Much better than Bluetooth which always gave me signal issues and dropouts.

Great tip thank you, i will definitely get that. I done enjoy using my phone and would prefer to have it on my monitors. My phone just rests on my handlebars and gets the odd drip of sweat…an expensive replacement

Hi Mike,

Do you recal which Ant+ dongle. I just bought one, MPOW, and well it seems as useful as a chocolate kettle at this point as it is asking me to install software with a disk it supplied…I haven’t had a disk drive in my computer for about 100 years…

Thanks, what it as simple as a plug in and go?

Yes, I have a second one made by Coospo too for my kids to use with my old dumb trainer setup, it worked the same way. Just plug it in and it works!

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Is this for Apple Macs as well as Windows?

the first bullet point in the item description answers your question.

Ahh…well may the problem continue

Hello. My wattage ls all over the place too. Reduce power! More power! over and over…

Kicker, wahoo wind, wahoo tickr, + wahoo cadence. Any help appreciated!