Failures in recording the watts

(Andreas Roth) #1


Calibrated via the Tacx app 🗸
Calibrated via ZWIFT 🗸

Nevertheless, yesterday I had failures in recording the watts. Say, partly it fell back to 0 watts, although I was kicking on.

Failures were around 5-10 seconds long.

Can someone tell me why this could be?

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Andreas, a few things:

Just a heads up, we are investigating resistance issues for the Tacx as noted here: BLE Resistance Issues (Mainly on iOS Devices)

(Andreas Roth) #3

Hi Vincent,

  • It was the workout: “Build me up - Red Unicorn”
  • Tacx Flux Smart, bought in April 2018.
  • Zwift is running on my laptop on Windows 10.
  • ANT + dongle is in the laptop.
  • Zwift version is the newest.
  • Firmware of the Tacx Flux is the newest.
  • ERG mode was on
  • tacx app was not connected at the same time as zwift


(Vincent W.) #4

Hey Andreas, have you had this wattage drop lately? If so, can you send us a support conversation with your log files?

(Nick Latocha) #5

I’m having similar issues. Just seems to cut out until I stop or slow my cadence down. Really frustrating.

(Vincent W.) #6

Hey Nick, have you tried troubleshooting your ANT + connection? These guidelines will help you pinpoint outside interference:

(Nick Latocha) #7

Yes, it’s worth mentioning that there were zero issues before the latest update.

(Kris Mays (D)) #8

I’ve had the same issue. I’m running Zwift on a desktop and even changed my Ant + extension cable to see if it’d help. It didn’t. It’s really frustrating when you’re in a group going uphill and get 0 watts for 2-3 seconds while kicking on! Group lost…

It has happened to me ever since the latest update. I am using a 18 Wahoo Kickr and Climb. Everything is up to date firmware wise. Happened to me on both Tour of NY stages and I’m prepared for it again today on Stage 3.

(Kris Mays (D)) #9

Tour of NY Stage 3 complete. Easily in top 100 and the good old zero watt phantom kept popping up. Group after group spit out the back. Finish 265ish. I saw in another post to make sure I pair to the FE-C if available. I’ll have to check and see if that’s an option and whether it will fix it. I had the ANT+ within 6 inches of the Kickr this time.