Watt data corrupt?


In this event (zid=1889552) there are some weird Power data?

Zwift says approx. 1000w for 6 sec
Strava says approx. 1000w for 6 sec
Goldencheetah says approx. 1000w for 6 sec and 1120w peak for 1 sec.

Zwiftpower however says 478w?

Looks like the ZP data has not been fully updated, give it some time.

Ok, I did not think that watt data could be wrong because of ZP not being fully updated.

I just checked, and some participants watt data have now been updated, but still not mine.
I will check again later.

Thank you for the hint.

sometimes you get unlucky and ZP never gets a complete file from you. it’s happened to me about 3 or 4 times in 400 events

You maybe right.
My data are still not correct, but other riders data have been updated now?!

Following this… This has happened to me a lot in the past month, including my last 4 events in a row. Curious to know how/ if this can be fixed?


Me to unfortunately.
My last 2 activities are incomplete.

Figured this out. Activities in the companion app must be set to open in privacy. ZP pulls data from Zwift. Lightning bolt will change to blue once that is set.