Watt bike pro best settings?

Hey everyone, just started doing a couple of Zwift races with watt bike pro using Ant to link.
My question is whether I should be using the magnetic adjuster or the air intake to adjust my power and at what points (uphills, downhills etc).
Adjusting either, although it increases my watts it doesn’t really appear to affect my speed? Increasing my cadence is the only thing that seems to really affect speed.
Just all seems slightly out of sync.
Could just be the nature of the watt bike pro linked to Zwift but thought workers an ask.
Feel like I’m working a lot harder than my results and speed reflect. More likely that’s just a surprise at my lack of fitness though?!

You’re basically riding a dumb trainer with a power meter. So you are never going to replicate the course - what you want to do is prepare for the upcoming changes in elevation by changing the resistance so your power goes up/down as needed.

Riders who feel the gradient will likely up their power as they hit hills and you need to be ready for that…

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Thanks Lee. That makes sense.
Am actually going to trade it in and get an atom instead. Seems to make more sense for Zwift.
Appreciate your getting back to me.