Watt and Speed ist not real for me. I am always too fast

I have a Tacx Genius (not smart) trainer. I link Zwift with a speed sensor and a trainer from your list. In Zwift I drive with much too high watts. I drive up the mountain too fast. This is not real, although I entered weight (60kg) and FTP (170). I increased both by 30%. To 80kg and FTP 220 it does not use much. I still drive too fast and with too many watts. What can I change to make it more real? I have a big advantage over others.

Have you used the Tacx app to make sure your trainer is calibrated?

Tacx app does not find any devices. i always calibrate with the Tacx program by PC

What type of bike are you using and the wheel size?

It is a race bike 28 zoll wheel

Zwift only supports 700 wheels at the moment.

I don’t understand… It is a regular race bike regular wheel. Nothing special. Shimano  no name wheel :slight_smile:


Is it a standard 700c wheel or is it a 650c wheel or other size? Is the bike a road bike or a mountain bike?

As of right now Zwift only supports 700c wheels.

Are you using the speed and cadence sensor for estimating watts within Zwift?

It is a regular race bike. regular size. I am using speed and cadence sensor.

yes 700c wheel

Try this link and see if it help: http://forum.tacx.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=26159

Looks like you need to select the Blue Motion setting 4


Thank you. It sound like what I need

Hi paul. It works! I bought a second ant + stick and installed it exactly as he describes. I need to run both apps at the same time. So I can also compare the watt numbers and can tune the brake at the tacx a little. I am now on 40watt difference. Is credible ok I think.
Thank you for your help!