I am not able to reach the watt or pace at a training. What am I doing wrong?

Hey there,

I am new at Zwift (4 weeks) and I really love it. BUT I am a little demotivated from the trainings. I am not able to reach the pace or the Watt. When I am driving without training, I reach much higher values in both. Am I doing something wrong? I adjusted my FTP already, but it didn’t make a difference. I even can not reach 100 watt. Thanks for your tips

Hello @Alexandra_Seitz, what type of trainer are you using? Is it a smart trainer, are you using ERG mode during workouts?

Hi Mike, yes I am using ERG mode. It is a TacX (I don‘t know the Type)

Wheel on or direct drive (remove the rear wheel and hook up directly to the trainer)?

@Mike_Rowe1 I found the typ. So it is a TacX Vortex 16780 220 with the wheel on

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Check this article out too

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I have used Tacx wheel on before but really not that knowledgeable.

I’m not sure but I suspect something is either wrong with your Tacx Vortex set up or possibly how it pairs with Zwift game. ( Hopefully not the Vortex itself )

I notice today you have done several rides, mostly with different and sometimes very low power. Are you currently experimenting with the tension on the brake?

How did the longer ride today on Tempus Fugit feel. Cadence looked better. How does the speed of around 15mph / 24kph compare to your outdoor speed and feel?

It looks to me that you cycle regularly outside. Do you have any timed distance rides or races so I could estimate your outside power outputs?

What size of wheel are you using and are you sure the Vortex brake is in the correct position of the three available?

Is the Vortex brand new or have you purchased it second hand.

Is the firmware up to date.
Are you calibrating it each ride?

Have a look at these two links below which might help you troubleshoot any possible issues.

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@Ian_Attoe so many questions :sweat_smile: I wanted to ride the first workout today (50 km). My laptop shuts down during the ride and I was not able to connect the TacX again. So I quit the workout and just collected some XPs. It was no “hard workout” for me today.

The TacX is second hand. I think the software is up to date. I will check the other things tomorrow.

Thanks for your time :+1:t2: