Watopia world has NO routes to pick from

A bug has just crept into my interface, where, when looking at the list of Watopia routes - there are NONE. It’s a list of zero. And the Watopia routes don’t seem to be available through others means, e.g. I picked a ToW event to join but it couldn’t load the route, I also tried the world hack by specifically adding Watopia in the pref.xlm file in case that made the routes reappear, but alas no.
I’ve searched the Forum and not found any other thread that discusses this issue. Do I need to reinstall or are there other ways to fix this? If I do re-install, will all of my preferences and stats, including power curve, be there? (I am on the new homescreen of Zwift and latest version 1.33.6, on a PC). Thanks!

replying to my own message…here is what it looks like.

Hi @Joan_Haysom

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I would first try to delete the prefs.xml file


this won’t reset your power curve.

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Thanks for the quick response Gerrie - unfortunately that did not work. Watopia is still blank of routes. I successfully rode in France for a few minutes just to reconfirm everything else seems fine. What do I do now?

If you applied the world hack to the XML file, and didn’t keep a copy of the original for safekeeping - the surest way to return your setup to the original configuration is a complete deletion of everything Zwift, and reinstall. Here’s the step by step.

As you suspected - you’ll want to save any custom workouts you created before you nuke everything else. Instructions in that link. Would you try the complete nuke-and-reinstall before we troubleshoot anything else?