Warmup PP Ride "Lost" when entering a race

So here’s my scenario - (Zwifting on an iPad with up to date software)

Popped onto the bike at around 15:00 hoping to catch the stat of the TOW short ride - I’d missed it by a minute or so but it wasn’t showing available in Events. Spotted a Short Race that looked interesting (3R Racing (C) on LaGuardia Loop in New York) so signed up for that. While I was waiting I jumped on a Pace Partner Ride with Miguel for a few minutes and when it was almost time to race I hit “Join event” to jump into the start pen for the race.

After Racing I ended my ride and went back to the home screen interestingly the TOW was now available for late join, so I did about 40 minutes of this.

Afterwards I realised that although both of my main activities were showing in the companion / Strava, the PP ride was not.

In this case it was only a short ride so I’m not that concerned (although I am logging time and miles for a work based competition), but this function has always been seamless in the past. (Often do similar for ZwiftInsider Tiny Races etc). And I’m concerned that it could lead to Zwifters losing significant progress if it’s a more widespread issue.

If the PP ride was less than 2Km, it won’t automatically be uploaded to Strava or your Zwift feed.

On Android at least on the login screen, you can send fit files to your email, find the short ride and manually upload it to Strava.

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Thanks - Obviously I didn’t know that

I couldn’t see a fit file but I’ll double check - I thought I’d done around 3km though.

On other events I tend to “stay here” and do a cooldown so they’ve obviously already met the distance requirements

Should change the thread title to “One good reason to always warm up for at least 2km!”

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Update - found the .fit file (if you use an ipad make sure the default mail app is setup otherwise you’ll wonder why you cant send these!) and it was just 1.09 miles (My Strava is in Miles) so yep, i was short of the 2km limit.

Thanks again

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