Walking whilst running?

I’m just getting started on my fitness journey. Ive decided to do the couch to 5k program and do it on my treadmill with the zwift runpod. As a beginner im not very fast, but when I’m running my avatar is walking and if I’m walking at a slower pace my avatar will stop altogether. I’ve calibrated my runpod and it all seems to work ok. Is there a way i can change the settings for the avatar to run whilst im running?

Your avatar runs/walks at a predetermined pace, can’t remember at which pace a walk becomes a run.

You can’t change this. If you’re avatar is stopping but you are still moving on the treadmill you need to calibrate the footpod to the treadmill speed as even at 0.5mph your avatar should be moving.

Keep the faith Chris, it’s quite disheartening when my little guy walks and i’m blowing up, I’m very new to running(walking fast) its a shame the movement is not calibrated against the users config when doing footpod calibration. Stick with it and hope to see you out on the track :+1:

Thanks Stuart. I’m having a similar issue with the pod.
I stop altogether if under about 3mph.
I tried tricking it so 2mph actual calibrates to 4mph in Zwift, which keeps me moving down to about 2.2mph actual.
Next calibration I’ll try 2actual = 6Zwift
Where did you see it should work down to 0.5mph? Or do you have other suggestions?

I’ve a smart treadmill and I’ve tested it at 0.6mph which is the slowest speed my treadmill goes.

The avatar is still moving.

It sounds like there is a limitation on the footpod you’ve got whereby it stops reporting speed if you’re actual speed is below a certain value. It maybe struggles to fully detect movement at slower paces.

It is definitely the Runpod. I used to use a runpod and gave it up because my avatar would stop all together unless I was going more than 3 mph which made it hard to do lighter paced intervals. For a while I used the free iPhone Treadmill Smart Speed app – you to punch in your treadmill speed in the app and the app sends it to Zwift. This, however, made “cheating” very tempting – rather than constantly punching in my changing speeds during interval training, I would set my app to have my avatar sprinting along at a quick speed but then walk however fast or slow I wanted to in reality. To keep myself honest, then, I finally switched to a Runn sensor that I mounted on my treadmill. This has a very accurate calibration between my avatar and my actual treadmill speed.