Foot Pod at slow speeds

My wife is recovering from a traumatic brain injury and studies have shown the use of an avatar while walking increases improvements. Unfortunately, at the moment the max speed she can walk is 1.5 - 2.0 mph. I’ve calibrated the food pod to the lowest speed but when she walks the avatar just stands there. Any ideas or advice? Thank you. Drew

Miscalibrate it so it reads the wrong speed. So, in-game it would show 3-4mph while she is doing 1.5-2. No one is going to care.

There is also an app you can use to broadcast whatever speed you want to Zwift.


The avatar should still move at that speed. Are you sure it moves at higher speed?

Failing that there are other options. Treadmill Speed Transmitter is a great app which tells Zwift what speed you wish to move at regardless of what speed you actually are going.

Or even better if you are using a treadmill with Bluetooth try QZ Domyos which will with at slow speed.

Come back here if you need further help

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