Running Avatar

(David Adams BTX) #1

 I’m not a fast runner, but my avatar stops running and starts walking at 5.0MPH even though I’m still running. This is really discouraging me! How do you set the minimum speed at which the avatar stops running? I’ve tried calibrating the treadmill at slower speeds without success.

(Steve Copeland) #2

5mph is walking…

(Barrett Scott) #3

I have the same issue. Any other response? 

(Paul Allen) #4

I think it’s around 9kph or 5.5mph.

I have noticed I start walking around 5.8mph so it could be a cadence thing also.

(Barrett Scott) #5

Thanks Paul. That’s the info I was looking for. It appears the pace may have increased after one of the updates. I recall doing warm-ups at 4.5 to 5-mph before with no issues.

(David Adams BTX) #6

I thought it might be a cadence thing, too, so I tried shortening my stride. No luck there, either.

(Paul Allen) #7

There seems to be no answer to when running starts on the Facebook Runners group either.

(Barrett Scott) #8

I just completed a quick run. Apparently, I need to be at 5-mph to run using a Garmin foot-pod. Anything below that and my avatar starts to walk. 

(Steve Copeland) #9

Mine starts running on my milestone footpod at 8kmh. I think that the point when the milestone switches from wall to run recording as well so it may be connected. 

(David Adams BTX) #10

Steve, I asked Milestone support about that. Meir Machlin from Milestone support responded, “We are not controlling what Zwift shows as either run or walk.” 

8kph is 4.97mph, so your results are consistent with what we’re experiencing.

(. KeithD [WKG](c) Final Front EAR) #11

Just make the avatar run at whatever speed please. It upsets slow runners to see the avatar walking when they are running. Try this with cycling up to the mast. You get off your bike  and push below 5 KPH and see how many complaints you get. 

(K Ringland) #12

I agree… I’m just starting to walk / run and when I’m working hard at 5kmh, I want my avatar to be running too

(Steve Copeland) #13

Sorry to break your heart but 5km is walking and the avatar is behaving correctly. Unless you are a midget.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #14

> Sorry to break your heart but 5km is walking

He said 5 miles per hour anyway. So that’s 8km/h or so.

I consider 4mph a brisk walk and 5mph is certainly in the jogging area unless you’re racewalking.