Hey Zwift! LOTS of people run slower than 10 minute miles!

I used the search function and saw this is something people have been asking to have fixed in Zwift for some time now. Unless we are running at a pretty decent clip, our avatars just walk. Why, when I’m running at 12 minutes per mile, is my Avatar strolling along? Very discouraging to new runners, people who may be training with heart rate, people who are doing LSRs or Recovery Runs, and/or people that just aren’t as fast as other runners. We’re still running! C’mon Zwift! Seems like this must be a pretty easy fix that ~still~ hasn’t been done.

I’m impressed that zwift is accurate enough to know you’re going running under 12 minute miles. My apple watch is relatively accurate when I’m running 10-12 minute miles but everything below that seems to get a +1 mph bonus.

Could this be cadence or foot pod related? My Stryd registers much slower on the treadmill (long and off-topic story) so I used to run really really slowly everywhere but I was definitely not walking.