Zwift Running - first experience view - in-game character non-natural movements vs speed

Hi all,
So I’ve tried Zwift run for the first time.
The foot-pod was Stryd live and the connection to Zwift run was very simple - the device was found immediately.
As an experience in comparing to Zwift bike ride vs running there is whole difference.
Will not speak here about own control of the running speed or incline, as this was already discussed in other topics.
One things that was really strange to me is the movement of the running in-game character (or avatar, or whats so ever it is called) - the movement are always the same, well, almost.
During the walk - it is naturally walking movements.
But during the run, I’ve noticed that there is no real difference in movements between different paces. Lets say I’m running 8km/h on a treadmill, so my real movement is really slow as the movement of the in-game character, then I’m speeding up till 10km/h, the movement of the in-game character stays the same, I’m speeding till 15-17 km/h and running actively on the treadmill, but the in-game character stays in the same chill out, zen and easy running movement as if he is running 8 km/h all this time.
So when the in-game character movements are always the same in the chill-out and zen modes, it is really boring to look on it, well, beside the numbers of speed/km etc…

It would be a good idea to develop more in-game character natural movements that will correspond to the running speed.

Ok, so took another run today and observed other runners.
Indeed, all the runners without any difference to their speed moving the same chill-out and zen style. It is funny especially when my speed was about 8 km/h and someone outrun me at speed above 15 km/h but with the same chill-out style ))).

Also, strange but there is difference between the run of yesterday and today. My first run I was running between bike riders and the last run I was running in some park probably dedicated specially for the runners (with the lap of 2.5 km) and was surrounded by runners only. Although, still not sure if the global chat was for runners only or all the users in the same world.

Would like to see running cadence, if available, represented by the avatar.