Walking (not running)

New to Zwift and looking for any recommendations on the best way to use it if I just want to walk.

I have the NPE Runn sensor on my treadmill and from my research it should be able to register slower speeds.

My question is about the difference choices (the courses/tracks). Does it matter what I do, like even if it’s for a 5k or whatever, I can just select it and walk?

I noticed that the Zwift software tells me what speed to set my treadmill to. But I also see that I can configure the sensor settings and tell it what my slow and fast speeds are.

Not sure what the best thing to do for my scenario. Just ignore the speeds Zwift tells me to set on my treadmill? Or is there a better way to do this.



Zwift doesn’t tell you what speed to set your treadmill at unless you are doing a workout. You tell Zwift what speed you are going at. In terms of the RUNN sensor you are referring to the calibration option. This is what you need to do so the RUNN sends the speed to Zwift. By calibrating the RUNN it means the speed the treadmill is going at is the same as the speed the RUNN is sending to Zwift.

If you are walking then set the middle speed to you walking pace and it’ll calibrate either side of this.

The RUNN copes very well with slow speeds.

It matters not which world or course you select. There are some runners/walker specific ones so you aren’t bothered by those pesky cyclists. These are quite limited though. There is a nice set 5k walk in Watopia. If you get bored of the same routes all the time you can select to walk with somebody else who is already running and it’ll teleport you to join them wherever they are. This means you get to see new scenery as they could be anywhere on the course and not the same 5K stretch you may have seen previously. You obviously don’t have to match their pace…

Thanks Stuart, didn’t realize I didn’t have to do a “workout” to use Zwift, that’s great!

One reason I want to use zwift is not only so I can see scenery/people, but so that it tracks my walk as if I was walking outside. So a lot of times I might just have the app minimized on my PC and so I’m glad I don’t have to pay attention to what speed it tells me to walk at.

And cool idea about teleporting to another walker!

If you are going to walk at a constant pace maybe the treadmill speed transmitter app is a better option. Much cheaper.

You do not need anything other than a tablet or phone to run this. Not the device you are using to run Zwift however. You tell the app the speed you are running at and it sends this to Zwift. If you increase the treadmill speed then you tap the screen on the app to increase the speed sent to Zwift. If you are going to run at a constant pace it is perfect. The app costs around 4 Euros.

Thanks foe the information you shared. I am looking for the same content.