Wahoo v5 and Garmin Rally Rx100

I am curious what is going wrong, I am 61 years old and Wahoo v5 seems slow. Yes, it better than Sarius M2 and Wahoo Rollr (which I sent back). But it does not feel normal, it just feels like I am struggling too much even on flat surfaces. Going down hills have gotten better and no longer have resistance on downhill.

I did some tests and I notice with Garmin Rx100 it felt normal also had twice the power as with Rockr with Power only. All done with same Vocano Circuit map, same distance of 4ml and with what I feel is same amount physical effort. I try to make it out for all tests. My Garmin Edge 530 is not being used in these tests.

Garmin 147w 97% intensity 12:02 time
Rockr 76w 50% intensity 16:05 time

I have them on my Strava on date Sept 17, 2022

I just hoping that the Rockr can be same as Garmin. Personally, I have trouble with clip in shoes outside and I have some Shimano PD-EH500 petals to try because it allows both clip in and normal shoes.

I tried to research setting and other thing I notice people complain about originally Rockr v5 slowness in power - but I have the latest updated firmware. I believe the problem is with the Rockr.


One thing that would help is some diagnostic information on controllers and power

Maybe a report showing information like

In and out from devices.

I am retired developer, and this what I would do if I was developing on the project. Create a nice log file that could be uploaded so developers can track down issues.