Wahoo Speed/Cadence all the sudden sporadic

No problem @roastincoffee, I like the technical things.

The game give you power numbers because you are telling it you have a unsupported trainer so that will give you Inaccurate power numbers. But the reason I say impossible is the moment you start riding and you turn the resistance knob you are changing the curve that Zwift think you are using.

I have been playing with spinning bikes and speed sensors, I installed a left stages crank arm.

But I think some of your speed sensor issues is because of the sensor orientation if you can get it in the hub you will get better results.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ I don’t have pictures of my specific setup, but here is what I based mine off of

SPEED Sensor is attached to the front wheel hub (I am using 3M tape instead of the zip tie) and the CADENCE sensor is attached to the pedal arm. However, on mine, I moved the sensor BACK to where the arm connects to the “wheel” (not sure which is correct).

I totally see your power curve issue. Thank you for the explanation.

@Justin_Thackeray ANT+ Dongle comes today! I really hope this helps!

Interesting thought/question. Given what I have read about how power is calculated (power curve) and what @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ was saying, perhaps selecting UNLISTED (trainer/roller) isn’t wise.

Perhaps I should attempt to select something in order for Zwift to use a power curve, even if its not the trainer or roller I am actually using.

of course, this assumes choosing “unlisted” is a built in way for Zwift to NOT use a power curve? I have no idea what the game does when you choose unlisted so, I am just thinking out loud.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ you seem to be in the know. What power curve does “unlisted” use, if any?

Hi @roastincoffee

I don’t know what the unlisted power curve look like, but I know it is limited to 400w.

One more point looking at your setup, I found the older style speed sensors with the magnet works better on the Spin bike, just glue a magnet to the wheel and mount the sensor on the frame.

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To @Justin_Thackeray @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ @Beth_Klawun and anyone else who posted here to help me. I have good news!

ANT+ Dongle came yesterday and worked well! Plugged it in, fired up zwift and had no issues with signal or power jumping all over. I managed to complete a ride (SST Short) for the first time in a week.

Thank you for all of your input! It will keep me going until I can buy a proper bike and trainer.


Check this out @roastincoffee

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Glad to hear it worked. Your experience is also another data point saying that Zwift’s handling of Bluetooth communications needs some serious improvement…