Wahoo Snap Dropouts solved

I am almost afraid to say that the power dropouts have gone away for fear of JINX, but as far as the structured workouts go, things are perfect.

I had been getting frequent maddening power dropouts during a workout despite keeping my effort and cadence unchanged. The drops weren’t all the way to zero, but deep enough for the “MORE POWER” warning to show up.  I am pretty sure that the “3 sec average” option was selected during these dropouts.

So what did I change.

  1. TWO FULL TURNS.  I wasn’t following this recommendation perfectly. Now I tighten the Snap until the wheel makes contact with the roller and then give it exactly two more full turns. I put a piece of tape on the knob so I can tell how much I have turned. Wahoo should put a white dot on the knob to help with this.

  2. ACTIVE USB CABLE: I switched from a passive 10 foot USB extension to a 16 foot active cable.  I am not sure how important this was. Especially since the active cable i bought was only a USB 1.1 cable (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001STJ6M?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00) . However, I probably should have started with a shorter passive cable. The Belkin dongle is just a few inches behind the Snap. I tried different positions earlier without success.

This may all be just coincidence. However, previously I couldn’t tell from the Strava power graph that I was doing intervals. Now they look spot on.



They’re baaaccckk!

Don’t know why everything looked great for a little while and then, POW!, dropouts all over the place.

Went a few days with no dropouts, then they came back. Maddening.