Wahoo sensors stop working during the ride

Hi, i’m using the Wahoo speed and cadence sensors. During a ride, i can lose signal two to three times during a 30 minutes training. Is there something i can do to avoid this? 

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What does your set up consist of Kathleen?

Hi Paul,

my set up is a Giant Cyclotron Mag II trainer with the Wahoo Speed sensor on the back wheel and the Wahoo Cadence sensor on the inside part of the crank arm. The sensors take around 1 minutes to pair with zwift and then, while riding, the bluetooth signal seems to drop.

Thanks for your help!


What type of computer tech are you using - phone/tablet/Mac/PC

PC + the app on my Android phone

Depending on how far your computer is from your bike.  You could try a USB extension cable.  Google this to see where you could buy one close to home.  Bestbuy, electronic store.  They usually come in 3ft, 6ft and 10ft.  Note: The longer the cable, the less signal strength.  10ft cable usually benefits by using a powered USB hub.

Ant sensor needs to be 4 ft or less for best signal quality.

As you’re running Zwift on a PC, I’d recommend going with an all ANT+ set up.

Are your Wahoo sensors of the newer type, that is, are they Bluetooth/ANT+ compatible?

If not, and you are able, upgrade them to the newer Wahoo Bluetooth/ANT+ sensors along with an Garmin ANT+ dongle for the PC. As Chris has said, get a compatible PC USB extension so you can get the ANT+ dongle real close to your sensors.

You won’t regret using ANT+ over Bluetooth on your set up.

Ride On!

Thanks a lot! I’ll try the ANT+ dongle.

I have the same problem with a speed sensor +cadence sensor both by Wahoo (Bluetooth/ANT+)

Do I need 2 PC USB extension cables : one for the speed sensor  and one for the cadence sensor ?

Thanks for your help

You only need one extension cable Martin.

Thank you very much Paul