Wahoo ROLLR not calibrating, no ERG or resistance changes

I just setup the Wahoo ROLLR with Garmin Rally Power Pedals. When I go in to Zwift, it recognizes and pairs with the ROLLR for Power, Cadence and Controllable but won’t calibrate (shows 0 kph). When I go in to a ride there’s no option for ERG or the arrows to change grade impact or real-world feel (i.e. controllable). is there an integration issue between the ROLLR and Zwift?

Hi @Jonathan_Smithson welcome to Zwift forums.

Not every smart trainer broadcasts a calibration signal that Zwift can latch onto. There’s also some that broadcast over Bluetooth, but not over ANT+, and the experience can vary depending on the OS platform you’re using. If the calibration icon (the wrench) in the Zwift pairing screen doesn’t appear for you - that’s why. If that applies to you - please use the trainer manufacturer’s app to calibrate.

Regarding the weird ERG behavior, try uninstalling the Wahoo app from your smartphone. That’s because trainer manufacturer apps like it stay running in the background listening for a trainer’s signals and may interfere with the Zwift app. Please check for any apps you have installed on your smartphone and/or laptop that might be stealing the signal and force-close or uninstall to troubleshoot that possibility.

@Jonathan_Smithson were you able to find any solution to this? My dad has been having a hard time getting his rollr working in Zwift and I haven’t been able to make much progress either. We can get it to read power, cadence, etc, but also get not resistance changes.