Wahoo Kicr snap with/without cadence sensor



I am having Wahoo Kickr snap. After some time and swapping bikes a I realised.

Bike ride with cadence sensor is much harder (feeling of the produced watts) then without. Wahoo or zwift is somehow artificially generates cadence which in the game then feel like riding on the top of the gear (100 rpm), but in reality I can be just grinding at much lower cadence let say about 65 rpm which should be much harder. I can keep up in Group A race without cadence sensor but with it I am struggling in B group…can someone explain why is it like that…and in my opinion this is cheating very similar to weigh doping…


I have no issues with my Power meter with inbuilt cadence meters, watts feels the same like outdoors. But really without it relying just on Kickr is much easier even if the system is telling me that I am doing (in ERG mode) 300 watts.


Your opinions?

The Snap is estimating your cadence based on your pedalling stroke (figures cadence out by the subtle rise and fall in power as you push down on the pedals as the crank goes around a revolution) and then passing it on to Zwift. Zwift just accepts the cadence data right or wrong sent from the trainer or cadence sensor. My Cycleops Hammer for example estimates cadence and it’s fairly accurate provided I maintain a constant cadence. As soon as I change cadence it has to adjust to the new cadence. My power meter’s cadence is more accurate and changes almost instantly to the new cadence.

Having owned a Snap, exchanging it for a replacement and ultimately returning it for a refund I found power accuracy to be a joke and it got worse as power level / target increased.