Wahoo Kickr V5

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I need some HELP
i started make zwift at 10 months ago and i have some experience about smart trainning.
i have in beggining the Tacx Flow after i Change for Elite Directo and now i have the Wahoo Kickr (V5) at 1 week ago.
i Have a team in Zwift World Name FCancerTeam ( if you need join us all category ) but i see my date day by day more low and low …

Iknow my performance( because i m teacher of exercice )and in the moment i m A+
but with whaoo kickr in all races my AVG is 4kw or 3,7kw or 4,2kw, normal in other races with Elite i finish AVG 4,8kw or 5kw.
ok after this i m desapointed , normal, because i put all in pedals and up and down all times the Watts.
i have make the test with :
1 - figure one old race( Elite directo and Rotor in Power )

2 - new race with ( wahoo kickr and Rotor in Power )

and the result is too much difrence, anyone can help me please ?

After this email i send to wahoo support

Feb 13, 2021, 11:21 PM EST


Thanks for contacting Wahoo Fitness. Try these steps to reset your KICKR’s Bluetooth connection:

  1. Un-pair your KICKR from any and all apps/devices you’ve ever connected to.
  2. Forget the KICKR if it is listed under your Bluetooth settings
  3. Toggle Bluetooth off. Please note, this needs to be done from within the Bluetooth menu of the Settings app. Doing this in the Control Center does not fully turn off BT.
  4. Turn off your phone
  5. Reset your KICKR (unplug for 30 seconds, plug back in)
  6. Turn on your phone
  7. Turn on Bluetooth
  8. Open the Wahoo Fitness app
  9. Go to the Sensors page
  10. Choose the option to add your KICKR
  11. Make sure the KICKR is awake
  12. Choose the KICKR and save it
  13. Now perform a regular spindown in the Wahoo Fitness app.

If you’re unable to complete that spindown, please go through this interactive support article and let me know the results

A reminder regarding comparing the KICKR power accuracy versus a 3rd party power meter, is a combination of the factors will impact power reported at the crank versus the KICKR (for example: the chain can cause an additional 5% difference in reported power at the rear hub versus power reported at crank). These factors include the following:

  • set up of the 3rd party power meter
  • condition of the bearings in the pedals
  • installation of the 3rd party power meter
  • calibration of the 3rd party power meter
  • firmware of the 3rd party power meter
  • drive-train condition
  • bottom bracket condition
  • gearing used when testing
  • temp of drive train when testing
  • condition and lube used on chain when testing
  • condition of derailleur pulley bearings

Ultimately, due the large number of factors that can impact the power reported at the crank versus the rear wheel, you can see large power differences (with both the KICKR and power meter properly reporting power).

All these factors will impact power reported by the KICKR versus power reported at the crank (by the 3rd party power meter). Ultimately, due the large number of factors that can impact the power reported at the crank versus the rear wheel, you can see large power differences (with both PM and KICKR reporting accuracy within specs). Please also ensure the user is taking into account that each power meter (and the KICKR) will have a accuracy rating of +/- 2 to +/- 3%. In other words the KICKR could be considered within spec at -2% accuracy and the 3rd Party PM is within spec at +3%. This example would yield a difference of 5% (without including the external factors outlined above) . When the factors above are included, can yield a difference of over 10% between a pedal based 3rd party PM and the KICKR. Please reach back out if you have any other questions.


and AFter this i try contact support and nothing and i have make others test with others smart trainners

i have make all you have make for he do and same situation.

today i have recording with a other ELITE and other Kick Core and this have same situation…

and firmware update? no need new and pass etc ? i have try with old version 4.1.2 and and new version 4.1.2 and same more of 10% difference

ELite Sunto VS Rotor


Wahoo kickr VS Rotor

and … what is the problem…

Hey @Paulo_Fernandes1 did you ever get a solution? I recently switched from the Elite Suito with Rotor InPower to the Direto XR. My Suito and InPower were within 2-3 percent of each other. Now with my Direto XR they around 8-10 percent apart with the InPower reading lower. I was thinking of switching to the Kickr before my return period ends, but if its not any better I wont. I chose the Direto XR because I plan getting the Elite Rizer when its available. I was wondering if the flywheel weight affects the readings, but probably not.

The Direto XR should be very accurate.

Make sure you calibrate it with the Elite My-eTraining app (not Zwift!) and check to see if the calibration results (a four digit number) you get back is close to the factory value on a sticker on the bottom of the trainer. If it’s more than about 7 or so out then something is wrong and Elite support will be able to help you with that if you raise a ticket with them. They are also very good about dealing with any general concerns.

Hey Steve,

I think it’s pretty accurate as is. I did a 20 min FTP Test to compare with my Suito and it only changed about 3 percent (7 watts higher in the Direto XR). I do find Elites Customer Service pretty helpful when I had a few issues with my Suito. The calibration numbers from the E-Training are dead on with calibration sticker. I’ve got a little experiment in mind to try over the next few weeks for comparison.

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Hey Steve,

I did a workout with the InPower controlling the Direto. I also recorded the Direto power separately with my Garmin Edge. This time there about a 5-6 percent difference between the two, much better than the 10 percent. I dont know what this means, but I dont think the InPower likes being the lagging source. I plan to run it as the controller for a week or so for more data. I had some P1 Pedals a while back and I was consistently at 47 or 48 percent on my left side with those. There could be some under reading there as well. I’d be happy with them consistently less than 5 percent between the two.