Wahoo Kickr Snap is bouncy and not steady


I’ve got an issue with my Wahoo Kickr Snap. The part which you put your wheel against seems to be bouncing back and forth. It bounces heavily when I stop pedalling. (I’ve got a video put I can’t post links here…)

Anyone know what the issue might be? It seems like my watts on Zwift are not fully correct now, I feel like I have to do much more effort for my regular watts. Watts also go down very quickly If I give just one softer cadence. If I perform a spindown, the timing seems to be good (12 seconds)

How do you keep it more steady instead of bouncy?

Check a few things.

Locate the Adjustment knob from the roller to the bike tire: Once touching the tire, you should turn only two revolutions. You can count by marking the knob or using the words on the knob - crank it up.

Second, make sure blue clamp that connect to your skewer is tight. On the opposite side of the clamp is a an adjustment. You want the clamp tight.

Hard to imagine how it could bounce! My one experience with Wahoo customer support for my Kickr Snap was very good, so I wouldn’t hesitate to try them if Ryan’s suggestions don’t work.