Wahoo KICKR reversed gradient [October 2021]

Just to clarify for some people that this issue of reverse gradient difficulty is not linked to changing the difficulty setting in Zwift. I always leave it on approx 50%. I’ve only noticed the issue in the last few weeks; before upgrading my Kickr mk5 to the latest firmware. Maybe it is linked to the previous version of the firmware. I’m not sure.
I also think it seems linked to my other problem where the u-turn facility does not work but Zwift support have got them down as separate known issues that they are working on.

I’m having the same problem, though I can’t figure out any pattern in the disconnect between the Zwift ride and the Kikr core level of resistance. It seems pretty random. I haven’t checked in with Wahoo support to see if they have any useful suggestions, but given that most riders seem to be on a Wahoo trainer, seems like the problem is at their end. Has anyone definitely found a fix?

Having issues with delayed gradient and/or inconsistent application of actual gradient, so a 5% climb the Kickr is almost impossible to spin.

This has been going on for ages. Group rides and free rides others with a Wahoo Kickr experiencing the same.

Not all the time. Seems to happen consistently on some routes and not others.

Surly can’t be hard to fix… perhaps focus on the bugs rather than Halloween effects?

Apple TV / Wahoo Kickr

Kickr and Kickr core have different firmware. The solution applies for both trainers, but the firmware version you need has a different number.not sure which version you need but I think it’s either in this thread or another one on the forum.

I run a Kickr Core. I thought I had resolved the resistance lag issue by uninstalling and reinstalling Zwift but the issue has reappeared .
I have a feeling this issue started when Wahoo introduced the feature that powers down the trainer if it has been standing idle for a while, not sure how long. Today my trainer had gone to sleep and in the ride the gradients were not recognised correctly e.g. easy going uphill and having to power on the flats.
I am not sure whether Zwift are actually looking at this? @shooj ?.
or whether this needs to be resolved by Wahoo.
Has anyone reported and had response from Wahoo?
I am going to raise a Wahoo ticket.

Downgrading the firmware will erase the factory power calibration.

You have to do a factory spindown after downgrading
or your power readings from the kickr core will be way off.

I have a Kickr 5th generation. Was using my iPad 1st generation. I have the same problem experienced by other posters in this thread, opposite gradient, delayed gradient changes, very frustrating. I tried using my iPhone 12 Pro to run Zwift this past weekend. Worked flawlessly…obviously the small screen is a pain to view and I couldn’t get heart rate data to Zwift from my Apple Watch but I was able to use the app. Just wanted to share this to the group.

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I just experienced this on 2 group rides (France andLondon) over the weekend, after updating firmware on my Kickr 2018 to 3.5.2. Apple TV 4K, Trainer resistance is 100%. I also have Climb, so can definitely tell even on rollers when the bike pitches up when supposed to be going down. The 2nd time, I pulled the plug on my Kickr mid-ride, which seemed to get it back in sync.

I am running the latest version of Zwift and the latest firmware version for my Kickr 5th gen 4.2 something. I think this is a Zwift problem and not Wahoo as I can use my iPhone 12 Pro to run Zwift without issue and Zwift on my iPad has issues. Anyone else able to run the app on their phone w/o issue?

I run on kickr core and an iPad but with me the issue is intermittent. Today after everything powered down and restarted it will probably be fine. First experienced the issue about a month ago but after reinstalling zwift it has been fine until yesterday.

Same here, had to deal with this several times know.

Gonna try that with the previous firmware. My kickr core worked flawlessly the last two winters, this is annoying

Hi Eric,
As expected with mine after switching everything off overnight it worked fine but I did log a ticket with Wahoo and they suggested the following.
1.Toggle off Bluetooth on phone /and or iPad.
2. Unplug kickr for at least 30 secs
3. Toggle Bluetooth back on.

Everything is still working ok so don’t really know if this has resolved or not so I am trying to leave the Wahoo ticket open in case or until it happens again. I don’t seem to be able to downgrade the firmware on my phone and not too keen to do that anyway. So :crossed_fingers:. Good luck.

Still off today with new latest update: the up/ downhill is still mixed up on my kickr core.

Hi Eric, Wahoo gave me a number of steps to follow re switching phone , iPad off/on, Bluetooth off / on, unplugging for 30secs and then a factory spin down. So far has been working fine for the past week.

I have exactly the same issue, just did a ride in Tokyo- it’s horrible with these change of gradients all the time

I’ve been having problems with my Wahoo Kickr core for several weeks. initially it would spin out at the start of races before the resistance would kick in after about 1 minute or so.

In the last week it’s just been totally spinning out on rides and the resistance doesn’t come back. Tonight it was spinning out like crazy before the resistance suddenly kicked in at around 6 mins into the ride. These issue’s are so annoying, means you can’t race or do anything. Any idea what’s causing this or when it’s likely to be resolved ? The Kickr core works fine when controlled by the Wahoo bolt, so I’m sure it’s a Zwift problem.

No improvement for me, been going on for several weeks and getting worse. I’m going to pause my zwift account, wasted more than enough time of trying to fix this.

I am experiencing the same problems with the resistance not matching the slope. I got my Kickr Core at the beginning of October and ran Zwift off my Samsung S10. I did not notice this issue. Last week, I bought an Apple TV 4k to run Zwift. I noticed this issue within the last week. One thing that seems to help is to quit the Zwift session and recalibrate using the Wahoo app. When I get back into Zwift, the issue seems to be resolved or at least is not as bad.

I am having the same issues as well with Kickr Core and Climb. Last week I was in Neokyo and the Kickr Climb was all over the map. Down when going up and up when going down. The funniest, when I was completely stopped the Kickr Climb kept moving up and down. Looking forward that Zwift or and Wahoo find a fix.

Same issue for me, going on for couple of months, kickr connected via Apple TV, most group rides and races I have a significant lag, but if I switch to a solo ride or pace partner it’s all fine - several chats via support but Zwift don’t seem in any rush to sort it out, customer support is rubbish, ambassadors don’t have a clue, maybe time to switch to something else